Chamboree 2018 – Pirate News and Information

  • Chamboree Evening Entertainments - 16 July 2018 by Comms Team

    Yesterday, I posted some of the day time activities, but Pirates Scouters will be kept busy in the evenings, too!

    Have a look if you want to know about Opening ceremonies, Rock night, Band night, Film night, Carnival night and the long awaited “Chamboree’s got Talent”!


    Honestly, when I was a young pirate, we made do with a couple of coconuts and a stick we had found on the beach….


  • Chamboree Day time Activities - 15 July 2018 by Comms Team

    Attached are the some of the activities that will the Young Pirates will be doing during the day, at Chamboree. Liverpool is a full day, otherwise its half days in the Advernture zone, the creative zone, the Cannonball run (!), the Global zone, exploring the Port of Tortuga, science and technology (it takes brains to calculate latitude, and invent gunpowerder!), the Sports zone, and … can they survive… the Survival zone!

  • Kit list and permission to camp - 25 June 2018 by Comms Team

    Now listen carefully my swashbuckling scouters.

    The form you will find here is vitally important if we are to survive Chamboree in one piece.

    The Permission to camp form MUST be brought by each young person, otherwise the gods of the deep will be offended.

    Equally, there is a kit list here, and any young person that doesn’t follow it will be keel hauled.

    This document contains all sorts of useful information that Captain Sarah has put together, so make sure you have a copy and follow the instructions, or the black spot will be coming your way.

    Kit list found at this facebook link:

    Long John Scouter

  • Patrols - 24 June 2018 by Comms Team

    OK, Pirates, we have put you into the patrols that you will be working in during Chamboree. Attached is a list, but for the full presentation, with photos of your crewmates, go and have a look at the facebook page, here.


    And may the gods of the sea have mercy on your souls

    Long John Scouter


  • Chamboree – getting there and away - 2 June 2018 by Comms Team

    Right, my hearties.


    We will have nearly 100 pirates arriving at Chamboree, and 100 pirates leaving Chamboree, and we don’t want to lose any along the way, so please take note of the instructions and information below!


    Here is the general advice about arriving and leaving as published by Chamboree.

    Young people who are being driven are fairly self contained, but please follow the routes that are described in the link above. They are very specific.

    Some young people will arrive by train. Make sure you book transport from the train station to the camp with Chamboree before the end of June.

    Others are flying in to Manchester airport with leaders. On arrival you will take a taxi or shuttle to the camp. It takes about 30 minutes, and you can use Uber, or there is a taxi service

    In a couple of cases there are unaccompanied young people flying. For these cases we will ask the young person to hitch hike to Chamboree. For these cases, we will detach scout leaders from setting up camp, and they will go from Chamboree to Manchester airport to find the young person, and make sure they are safely brought back. As this will lead to extra fees (e.g. parking, petrol) there will be an extra charge for this. Where possibly, try to get your young person flying with others from your group / area and please try to help us by giving us good information about which flights have been booked.


    … and remember, keep your sails tight, and your eye on true north, and you might just avoid Davy Jones Locker!


  • Closed Facebook group for Parents / Young people - 1 June 2018 by Comms Team

    If you are not already registered, we are running a closed facebook group for parents and friends of those going to Chamboree.



    You can apply to join, and will be given access after the administrator has checked you

    Last year, this was a great success, as parents could see what was going on, and share in the excitement.

  • Its all about Pirates. Pirate costumes needed! - 26 May 2018 by Comms Team

    I am assuming that you have looked at the Chamboree website and worked out that this year it’s all about pirates!

    The BSO Bucanneers will be sailing to Chamboree to swashbuckle their way through a week of fun and adventure. You will need fancy dress pirate costumes – so get preparing, or Captain Sarah will have you walking the plank!

    We are getting the pirate provisions together.


  • BSO Chamboree Facebook page - 26 May 2018 by Comms Team

    As last year, we will have a Closed Facebook group for adults and young people to chat, discuss and generally keeping up to date with what is happening before, during and after Chamboree.

    A closed group means that anyone can find the group, but only members can see posts and content.

    You can apply to join, and the moderartors will verify and then add you.


    Come and join the fun:


  • March 2018: Camp Leader: Sarah Lightfoot writes…. - 26 May 2018 by Comms Team

    Please let me introduce myself, I am Sarah Lightfoot, AGSL for the 1st Doha Scout Group (Qatar) and Camp Lead for this year’s jamboree, “Chamboree” in Cheshire, England for British Scouting Overseas (BSO).

    Following on from the success of last year’s jamboree at Poacher in Lincoln where we took 40 young people from across the BSO sphere, this year is going to be phenomenal with an attendance of around 80 Scouts and Explorers from lots of different countries within BSO.

    This year, we have groups from the following countries as part of our contingent:

    • France
    • Spain
    • Norway
    • Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • Czech Republic
    • Luxembourg
    • Qatar
    • Oman
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Kuwait
    • Malaysia

    The main contingent team is now busy preparing and organising to make sure that everyone has a great week full of fond memories and having made lots of new friends.

  • Chamboree Basics - 26 May 2018 by Comms Team

    What is Chamboree?

    Chamboree is a huge international jamboree, bringing up to 5,000 Scouts and Guides on an amazing week stuffed full of fun, freedom, and adventure. There will be an exciting programme of activities with every day and night packed full and opportunities to make new friendships from around the world.

    Last year, more than seventy BSO members enjoyed a brilliant summer camp at Poacher 2017. Chamboree 2018 will be a similar camp to last year. Our young people gave us loads of feedback after the camp, which you can read on our Poacher 2017 feedback page. We recommend you read this as it will give you a good idea what to expect this year.

    For more information about Chamboree 2018, check out the official website here.

    When is Chamboree?

    Chamboree takes place Saturday 28th July to Saturday 4th August 2018

    Where is Chamboree?

    Chamboree will be at the Cheshire Showground, Tabley Nr Knutsford Cheshire, UK WA16 0JE. The showground is only 15 minutes from Manchester airport and under 2 hours from London by train. Location map/street view of entrance can be viewed here.

    How can I get to Chamboree?

    Transport to and from the camp can be arranged from Knutsford train station or Manchester airport but it will be parent’s responsibility to get the young person to the train station, airport or to physically drop him/her at the camp site.

    Who can come to Chamboree?

    Youth members: Any member of BSO aged between 10 and 18 can attend Chamboree 2018 as a participant – that’s those born between 28 July 2000 and 28 July 2008.

    There were some misunderstandings last year and we want to make it clear that any BSO young person aged 10-18 on the first day of the event can join us even if their normal adult leader(s) cannot attend. i.e. there is NO NEED for a participant’s leader to attend Chamboree (but they would be very welcome!). Our young members will be looked after by a friendly team of trained and experienced adult Leaders from BSO Scout Groups across the world.

    Please note that members of BSO’s World Scout Jamboree 2019 contingent will be registered by their Contingent Leader. Please DO NOT register here.

    Adult members (i.e. born before 28 July 2000): We need adult Leaders to assist with the BSO contingent (see “Adult Leaders” heading below). Adults must have a BSO role and full Scouting DBS. Due to safeguarding rules, no other adults will be allowed to stay on the camp (including parents).

    Please let us know in plenty of time if UK visit visas are required and we will provide an invitation letter to assist with the application.

    How much is Chamboree?

    For youth participants, the total price is £250 for the week. This includes all activities, food and camping equipment. A £10 discount will be given to everyone paying in-full by the 19th February 2018.

    For adult leaders, staff, and young leaders (no activities) the total price is £80 for the week.

    The cost of this event should NOT be a barrier to attending Chamboree 2018. Parents of any young person from BSO who wishes to attend the camp, but have a low-family-income should contact us in complete confidence as we may be able to offer some financial assistance if there is genuine hardship.

    How do I book a place?

    (Updated 19 February) Places within the main BSO Contingent have now been filled. However we can still accept new registrations who will be camping adjacent to the main BSO Unit with a local Cheshire Scout Group. They will still be part of the overall BSO Contingent.

    Once registered, we will contact you with payment information and register your son/daughter within the BSO Contingent.

    It would be great to send adult Leaders with your own Scouts/Explorers, but it is not necessary as we have a friendly team of trained adults. If you are moving away over the next year, then you will still be able to attend as long as you remain in Scouting in your new location.

    Adult Leaders

    We need adult leaders to make this camp happen but there is a strict 8:1 (+2) Scout:Adult ratio for the camp. It may be necessary to prioritise BSO Contingent adult places dependent on number of Scouts and your role in the planning and preparation of the camp. If necessary, we may ask you to consider taking on a Staff Role at Chamboree which will still allow you contact with your members. For more information download available adult staff roles and register @

    We hope you’re as excited as us about joining our second BSO-organised annual camp and urge you to advertise this Jamboree amongst your members – young and adult.

    If you have any questions about Chamboree 2018, please contact Nathan Prince.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]