Wings 2020 - How does WINGs postponement affect BSO participants?

Dear participants, parents and leaders
You may have heard that Wings 2020 has been postponed until 24th July 2021 due to uncertainty related to Coronavirus.
There was a webinar scheduled for tomorrow at 9AM GMT. We will maintain this Webinar as a general Q&A for people who have questions. Of course, if this information answers your questions there is no real need to attend. See details of the webinar here.

What does this mean for BSO Wings 2020?
BSO will not be taking a contingent of Scouts and Explorers to Wings this year.
It’s a disappointment, but our job is now to answer your questions about what happens next.

Wings say that they will either repay fees (less £20) or keep the money for participation in Wings 2021. How will this work?
There will be two options that can be made for each participant:
  1. BSO will participate in Wings 2021. If you want to participate this year and if you are happy for us/them to hold your fees for a year, then we shall keep your registration open until 2021. There will be no price increase and 100% of what you have currently paid will be used to pay for the camp.
  2. If you are unsure about your plans for next year, or know that you do not want to participate next year, then we will request the maximum amount of money back from Wings and refund you as much as we can.
If I want a refund, how much will be refunded by BSO to parents and leaders?
We cannot say exactly how much you will get back but we can say "nearly all of it".
The £20 that Wings keep will be deducted along with the (small) amount that BSO has spent so far. For some of you there will also be bank charges and exchange rates to consider.

We will get our calculators out and keep you informed…

If I want a refund, when will parents and leaders be refunded?
We have a number of things to work out, based on your choices and based on how we decide to get the money back.
We will tell you more before the end of March.

What about other costs that parents and leaders have incurred?
In terms of travel costs, I'm afraid there is nothing we can do about that BUT read next…
My Scout/Explorer is now going to be in the UK during the last week of July, do you have any other suggestions of what they can do?.
BSO is now looking at whether an alternative BSO camp can be held in the area on the same dates for a smaller group. A decision will be taken nearer the time. Right now we are exploring options.

So in summary, what do I do now?
  1. Attend the Webinar tomorrow if you want to ask questions.
  2. Think about whether you want to attend Wings in 2021 or ask for a refund
  3. Wait for our questionnaire that will come back with more information, more details at the end of March.
If you do have other questions or suggestions then feel free to email.
Many thanks for your understanding