Wings 2020 - Update on Wings 2020 and refunds

Hi everyone

Many of you are able to commit to Wings 2021 (Great!), quite a few of you need to be refunded (No problem!). Some of you have not yet replied, which slows down the refund for everybody else (sad face!)

For those who need a refund, we need to collect your bank details via this form.

We will store and transfer bank details securely. Only those who need the bank details them, will see them.
The amounts refunded will be the amount we received, less £20, less bank charges deducted.
For those overseas we will investigate whether a block payment to a group makes sense to reduce costs.

Gathering this information and making the payment will take a bit of time, so don't so please bear with us.

Giving us UK bank details will result in the quickest and cheapest refund for you!