First day of activities

What an amazing couple of days. Our BSO Scouts have flown, ridden or driven to the Jamborette from Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Thanks to Nana Yasma for greeting everyone and to Dominic Afriat for giving up his Saturday to ferry us all to the campsite.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning were spent setting up our campsite (thanks to the Explorers for some great – if slow – pioneering!). We have decorated it with loads of BSO signs – we’re one of the biggest contingents here and certainly the most visible.

Sunday afternoon was the time for an icebreaking scavenger hunt in our subcamp, and then it was the opening ceremony, which was LOUD!

Today we’ve been on our hikes – including the terrifying PUNISHER – over 40km of Dutch countryside in one day. There will be some tired scouts tonight!