Gilwell Reunion

For over 90 years Scouters have gathered at Gilwell Park the home of Scouting, for a reunion. This is always held on the first full weekend (Friday to Sunday) of September, which this year is 1st-3rd September.

It is crammed full of both Scouting and social activities for all ages of adults. There are also events especially for Scout Network who also can attend.

BSO have always wanted to make it one of their annual events for leaders and Scout Network, to link up with others from BSO to make new friends and meet the people at the other end of the email or video conference. Last year 25 Scouters from BSO came together to enjoy the festivities. We camped (other forms of accommodation are available) as an Area with visitors popping in on the Saturday or who were staying with other Groups or friends. Most of the Area staff were there, plus leaders from Northern Europe, France & Iberia and Middle East Districts.

There is also the opportunity of completing some of the training modules for those who can arrive a little earlier on the Thursday or Friday. BSO’s own training managers will run a tailored course. Please let Rikki Bilverstone, Area Training Manager, know your module requirements beforehand.

We know many of you from across the world come back to UK in the holidays and what we suggest is that you tack the Gilwell reunion on before or after your family visits. We know many of you have to be back to your host country in September, but despite this, even leaders from the Middle East leaders managed to attend, flying back on the Sunday.

BSO now has its own pool of tents and cooking equipment etc that you can use so you can travel lightweight with just your personal kit.

For a brief glimpse of BSO at last years Reunion, watch the below video:


So how do you attend?

You must pre-book at least camp or a day visitor fee. Note there are discounted rates for aged 65+ and Scout Network.

Reserved meals are optional, there are other food outlets on site as well and often you can pay for ‘official’ meals on the day.

There are hotels & B+B off site and if you are very quick, maybe some limited indoor accom at Gilwell. (3,000 Scouters usually attend).

Book online now!

Do not tick anything under Tented Village unless you really want to use that, as you have paid to camp with BSO or whoever

Then just inform Tony Dunn, of your BSO Group, your role, mobile phone number and that you are coming.

To reserve a BSO free tent pre booking is required via Tony Dunn.

Some tents may be shared with another BSO leader (same gender) depending on numbers. Being your own sleeping bag.

You will then be put on our Reunion list to receive updates and information.

If you need the official BSO polo shirt and scarf, visit our Clothing & Badges page. Please order well in advance as although some stock is held, sizes may need reordering well in time, according to demand.

We look forward to seeing you there! All BSO who attended last year agree it’s an event not to be missed!