Office365 Account

Adult volunteers can sign up for a basic Office365 account. A basic account includes the following:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive (cloud file storage)
  • Microsoft Forms (like Google Forms but better GDPR compliance)

Microsoft Teams enables you to run section meetings online. We’ve created a guide to help you.


For adult volunteers at an area and district level (excluding ESLs, AESLs, SASU members and Scout Network members), you are eligible for a full Office365 account. This includes the features of a basic account, with the addition of email access.

Getting an account

Do not share links to individual forms with anyone! If someone wishes to create an account, please share the link for this page.

Basic Account:

  1. Fill in form 1 here.
  2. Your account will be activated within 30 minutes.

Full Account:

  1. Create a basic account, following the steps above – if you do not do this step, your request will be denied
  2. Fill out form 2 here to request your account to be upgraded to a full account.
  3. Your request will be reviewed by a member of the Comms Team. Note: this may take up to 96 hours.
  4. If you receive an email saying your request has been approved, you will receive access to the email functionality within 6 hours.
  5. If you receive an email saying your request has been denied, the email will include details as to why this decision has been made. Please follow the steps highlighted in the email before submitting a new request.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Basic accounts are only available for those with the following roles: Group Scout Leaders, Assistant Group Scout Leader, Section Leader, Assistant Section Leader. 
  2. Full accounts are only available for those with district or area level roles, excluding ESLs, AESLs, SASU members and Scout Network members.
  3. You can only use accounts for BSO activities.
  4. Accounts must be requested in the name of an adult volunteer with an active role within BSO in Compass. The request must be made by that individual.
  5. Only 1 account is allowed per person. Duplicate accounts will be deleted.
  6. Basic accounts are temporary, and the option to request new accounts and the existence of previously created accounts will be reviewed regularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, led by the Comms Team
  7. We can only offer limited personal support to solve any technical issues. This will be via email: Responses may take up to 96 hours.