Feedback from Poacher International Jamboree – Summer 2017 – Lincolnshire, UK

Young Person Feedback

  • Poacher 2017 was AMAZING! It was the best camp I have ever been on. I really enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and the opportunity to do loads of different activities. My favourite activity was the trapeze, it was a sensational feeling, like you were flying! I also loved cooking the food as it was so amusing! There wasn’t anything that I didn’t enjoy, every second was amazing! … I was lucky enough to have plenty of space in my tent and got good night’s sleep! – Annabelle 1st Oman


  • I loved the range of activities that you could do on and off site, friends could go to activities together. We could even get badges at some activities… It was great that you could make so many friends from so many different places. I made friendships with Scouts from France, Australia, Dubai, Cheltenham, Wales and Belgium! … I thought that the leaders were superb and much organised I also liked that they nudged us to go to other sub camps and make friends from all over… On the last day of Poacher we saw fireworks fly up into the night sky and we listened to Little Mix and Diversity! Some nights we watched films, we saw Jumanji, The Lego Batman Movie, but my favourite film was A MONSTER CALLS. Going to Poacher 2017 was a blast and I’m very excited to go again! – Nathan 1st Oman

  • We enjoyed meeting new people around the camp and the general positive attitude everyone had. The go karts and freefall stunt bag were our favourite activities on site, and fishing was our favourite off-site activity… To the leaders: Thanks for a great time and all your effort – Charlotte & James 1st Kuwait

  • The things I most enjoyed about Poacher were the patrol mess tents, the activities and the opening/ closing ceremonies. There was a whole range of activities, there were adventure activities and creative activities. The activity that I most liked was climbing – it was awesome I went there two times a day! The tents were very comfy and we had enough equipment. I met loads of scouts and made friends. There was something called the Poacher challenge where you had to complete some tasks that made you go everywhere in Poacher, and you even got a badge for completing it… Over all thank you BSO for organising this amazing event, and I hope you organise another camp – Oliver 1st Fuengirola

  • The poacher camp 2017 was so great. I had a lot of fun. I met children of various nationalities and I’ve got lots of new friends. What I liked a lot it was the animations, the noon shows, the evening movies, the concert of the last evening and the fireworks and especially the activities of the day, the roller, the Tyrolean, the ice skating. I would like to come back. Thank you Nathan, John and all the BSOleaders, I will never forget you – Carla 1st Chantilly

  • Thank you Skip and all other leaders for an amazing experience. It was great to meet everyone! – Finn 3rdDubai

Parent’s Feedback

  • Just want to say again, huge thanks to you and every single volunteer who made Poacher happen. An amazing event, brilliantly organised and a treat of a lifetime for the participants. Immensely grateful to you all x – Fiona  Dubai


  • I want to say a huge thank you for your involvement in Poacher, my daughter, Imogen had a wonderful time, she even cooked and washed the dishes last night without me having to ask her! – Astrud  Dubai


  • A big thank you to each and every one of you Leaders for all the hard work that you put in for this camp. Hats off to all of you. We’ve got a very tired but excited Scout going back with us to Qatar. He’s leaving with a lot of new experiences and new friends. Josh says he had the time of his life. X – Antoinette  Doha


  • A big thank you to all the leaders the kids had a wonderful time an experience they will never forget. Both my boys are missing their new family they found at Poacher and wished they did not have to leave. Looking forward to the next camp. – Wael  1st Kuwait

  • Another really big THANK YOU to all the BSO leaders and helpers for such a great week full of fun and unforgettable experiences. I know a huge amount of hard work and dedication goes into organising camps, not to mention the Scout meetings and activities throughout the year. These youngsters are so fortunate. “I wish the whole world could be a Scout,” said Oliver today, “because absolutely everyone was nice to everyone at Poacher.” Thanks again to all involved – get some rest – and then start planning the next one! – Rachel  1st Fuengirola


  • What can I say? Neive had the most amazing time at Poacher. Thank you to everyone for giving her this wonderful opportunity of not only partaking in some exciting activities, but also being part of the world-wide movement of scouts. I loved the way the kids were able to make friends in a relaxed environment and socialise in the evening – something they do not always get the opportunity to do in their lives. My thanks must go to everyone who made this jamboree possible, from the planning stage by the Poacher team to the onsite fantastically enthusiastic BSO team – Julie  Oman


  • One very tired but happy scout! Poacher by far exceeded both our expectations. Cannot thank the leaders and organizers enough for all their hard work! When’s the next one please? – Annie and Nathan Dubai