Updates to Module 10

First aid training, the minimum requirement being the first response course is being designed and delivered soon, during the COVID-19 conditions and will be available as on-line presentations, this is a temporary measure and will be reviewed by the HQ First aid recovery project team, and hopefully when we return to face to face scouting the original day 6-hour course will resume,

This new approach will be different, and it is hoped that our many adults will take the time to take part and gain this essential learning.

The main difference is the course will now be titled module 10A and 10B, 10A being three x 2-hour on-line sessions followed by 10B the practical session.

The three sessions will be titled, 10A “Life Support”,10A “Major Illness” and 10A “Trauma & Injury”.

These sessions can be taken in any order and certificate of attendance and learning will be made available to all attendees, these certificates must be kept safe and submitted to your training adviser for validation.  These three certificates allow a wood badge to be completed. Once all three sessions have been taken and recorded the next step is to attend the face-to-face practical session, this should only take about 20 minutes and will complete the full learning and once validated, will automatically record as the mandatory on going learning, MOGL for the next three years from the date of Module 10B. Members will be required to complete the face-to-face validation in order to have completed the full training, this can be done once they are in amber and comfortable to attend but must be done within 6 months of the area going to green readiness level. This can be recorded in Compass through 010B First Aid Practical and will pre-populate an additional mandatory ongoing learning for first aid record.

The focus of the face-to-face validation is the compulsory elements for practical demonstration within the life support session, this includes assessment and approach of a scene and CPR. This can be done in a short 15 to 20 mins session with the appropriate hygiene arrangements in place.

Compass has been updated to reflect this learning and validation process.

An Area team will be led by a team lead and first aid trainers from across British Scouting Overseas, will give many opportunities to attend a district led session and or an area led session.   Courses will be advertised on the British Scouting Overseas website, Webinars and bookable via this site and will accommodate our many time zones.

Due to the number of adults that need this learning required, it will also be possible to take part in another UK county led provision, and in return British Scouting will share our sessions with UK counties as well. Though initially priority will be made for BSO adults.

Those adults that have previously gained module 10 and is still in date, need only renew this learning close to their expiry date.

The existing 010 First Aid has been discontinued and will appear in PLPs as X010 – (Discontinued) First Aid. This can be removed from PLPs where it has not been completed.

It is important that the new syllabus of training is recorded within the PLP, even if the member has previously completed 010 First Aid and has existing First Aid MOGL records. This allows, once the reports have been updated, to capture the detail of where members are with their First Aid learning in more detail.

It is important that the three learning sessions are completed and validated (010A) before the Practical is validated (010B).

Online elements must be delivered by those who are First Aid Trainers, within the Scouts this must be someone holding a full first aid qualification along with the relevant training modules of the Adult Training Scheme and appointed as a trainer on Compass (for example BSO Trainer – First Aid).

Sessions are facilitated, this means that the trainer needs to engage with the participants throughout the session, checking knowledge where they can with a variety of tools identified in the training materials.

The ratio for this training is normally 1:12 but due to the current circumstances this can be run at up to 1:20 so long as the trainer is confident that they can meet the requirements of the training and do the relevant knowledge checks throughout.

All Trainers, first aid variants must have the role documented on Compass and is arranged and on-boarded into the delivery team by the Area Training Manager. Once recorded, and all sufficient and required scout training is complete, may then present this learning. And will allow HQ to communicate with them when there are updates.


Any further questions please do get in touch.



Rikki Bilverstone

Area Training Manager

British Scouting Overseas.


HQ First aid recovery project team.