Woodbadge Roll of Honour

Congratulations to all our adult volunteers below who have completed their woodbadge training over the last few months.

BSO Area

Rikki Bilvertsone (France & Iberia)
Dominic Afriat (Northern Europe)
Jos Wittevrongal (Northern Europe)
Steve Sutton (Middle East)

France & Iberia

Mariangela Marquez (1st Fuengirola)
John Pearce (1st Majadhonda)
Fiona Brunt (1st Bougival)
Miriam Ramirez (1st Madrid)

Northern Europe

Nicola Laurant (Telstar)
Florence Gunn Folmer (Telstar)
Muriel Doucin (Telstar)
Chris Farr (1st Paderborn)
Peter Endean (1st Brussels)
Gina O’Dowd (1st Djursholm)
Helen Burke (1st Gutesloh)
Harvey Tudor (1st The Hague)
Kim Hall (1st PSSG)
Sara Briggs (1st The Hague)

Middle East

John Warren (1st Doha)
Sally Whitfield (1st Abu Dhabi)
Dan Parsons (1st Doha)
Trevor Plowright (5th Dubai)
Steve Sutton (3rd Bahrain)
Michelle Burrows (1st Dubai)
Anthony Periera (1st Abu Dhabi)

Rest of the World

Becca Taylor (1st Singapore)
Alexandra Chan (1st Kuala Lumpur)
Sarah Webber (1st Singapore)
Emma Perrin (1st Singapore)
Damion Snter (3rd Kuala Lumpur)
Leanne Allen (1st Lanna)
Suzy Hopkinson (1st Singapore)
Nicole Sparkes (1st Singapore)