Applying for an Activity Permit in BSO

If you require an activity permit assessment, please use the application process as detailed below:

  • complete the permit assessment form which can be found at here and send to
  • The Assistant Area Commissioner (Activities) will arrange for an Activity Assessor for the relevant activity to contact the applicant regarding the assessment.
  • The first part of the assessment process focuses on your technical skills, knowledge and experience relevant to the activity. Your Assessor will use a variety of methods to build a picture of your skills and knowledge in your activity. The way this is carried out will depend on your experience of the activity. The assessment should be conducted in a way that supports you to demonstrate your skills at your best. It is not supposed to trick you or catch you out and should be a positive experience for everyone involved.
  • The second part of the assessment focuses on your understanding of The Scout rules for the activity you wish to lead. Your Commissioner, their nominated representative, or possibly the Assessor, will carry out this assessment, at the same time as assessing your technical competence.
  • The third part of the assessment focuses on ensuring that you have a current DBS and the required safeguarding and safety training. This will be carried out by your Commissioner.
  • The final part of the assessment focuses on your attitude and approach to leading the activity in accordance with the values of The Scouts. This will be carried out by your Commissioner.
  • Providing your Assessor and Commissioner are confident in your ability to deliver your chosen activity, a permit will be granted by your Commissioner and uploaded on to Compass.