Clothing & Badges


Please order via Tony Dunn

These items have been carefully designed with BSO specifically in mind and selected to complement each other and our corporate branding, the BSO badge. The items are sold at cost to you; with the area are making no profit out of them, and they are offered as a service and to promote BSO. Postage is extra, but includes VAT where required. We have to make up a reasonable number for an order to replace as stock goes down so occasionally there may be a slight delay, as they take 4-5 weeks to replace. These items are meant for BSO Scouters and committee members only; help us retain their exclusivity by not swopping them to unauthorised people. Items are available as a set or individually.

Full set of shirt/scarf/woggle = £20


Polo shirts

Writing on Sleeve

Logo on right breast

Style as in picture but silver-grey in colour. This is more practical than the usual boring green or blue as it is very distinctive without being loud, does not show dirt as much as white, yet is suitable wear in the desert or jungle heat as well as more northern climes.

The shirts have a 55mm high BSO badge adapted as shown on the left breast, big enough to read but small enough to be discreet and look classy.

The design between the words is billowed like a ships sail to show travel abroad. On the right sleeve are the letters BSO, 20mm high.

This is an activity shirt and does not replace uniform shirts. It is for informal use, socialising and activities, so does not have badges. However if desired, it can be localised by adding the host country badge only, close above the BSO on the sleeve. (District staff without Groups appointments can wear the District badge). You will find the BSO is 40mm wide; the exact width of an authorised single badge.


Small 35/37″
Medium 38/40″
Large 41/43″
X-Large 44/46″
2X-Large 47/49″
3X-Large 50/52″
4X-Large 53/55″
5X-Large 56/58″

Price £12


Area Scarf/Neckerchief

Back of scarf/neckerchief

In the three colours of UK, different to the international scarf. Ours has red as the base colour the international scarf is blue base. This gives bigger red stripes as shown on the sketch. Material is softer so it rolls neater. It should be rolled so just the design shows which gives a total apex height including stripes of around 140mm which is just over a palms width.

Adult size scarf.

Price £6


BSO Woggle

This is a press stud woggle, embroidered with the Union flag and complements the scarf colours closer than shown in the diagram. The press stud allows the woggle to be placed directly around the throat without sliding it up and so does not ruckle up all the stripes as you slide it up.

Washabilty. Do not machine nor hand wash, nor rub as it will go furry! Just leave in a cup of ‘Vanish’ or similar digestent in warm water which will remove any dirt or grease. Check before leaving to ensure colourfastness. If it is not, use a different type of digestant.

Price £2