Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for members of BSO

Are you looking for some fun, action, and adventure combined into not only one great award system but into two? Then the Duke of Edinburgh Award is the perfect opportunity to have fun, adventure and action all in one. The Award is directly linked to the chief scout’s platinum, diamond and Queen’s scout awards; which means your completed activities during your DofE Award activities can count towards your scout awards and vice-verse.

Anyone between aged 14-24 can participate. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) is non-competitive and you can choose from hundreds of activities which you prefer. Doing your DofE gives you the opportunity to experience new activities and develop existing skills, meet others, and gain some of Scouting’s top awards.

First, depending on your age, you chose a level, bronze, silver or gold. You then create your own DofE programme by choosing volunteering, physical and skills activities, and complete an expedition (adventurous journey) and when all has been successfully completed you will be presented with your award certificate during a special Award Ceremony. For the gold level you just need to additionally take part in a residential activity, which, when successfully completed, leads to the highest award level, and a very special Award Ceremony.


Registration process

When you are interested in completing the DofE Award, you need to fill out a DofE Participant Enrolment Form and give it to your Scout Leader who will pass it on to the local Award Leader. The Award Leader then submits a completed Participation Places Form to your local Award Operator.

Once your place has been registered, you will be given an account on the eDofE online system to track and log your Award progress; and you are ready to rumble. It’s as simple as that.

The great thing is it doesn’t matter where you are in BSO, when you have a Scout Leader running the Award, you will be able to complete the award. If you ever move to another country, or even continent, you can still continue as your registration and activity log-book are all on-line.

If you are a scout who loves adventure, action, and fun, then speak to your Scout Leader, and they can give you more information.

News for Leaders

Leaders who wish to become a DofE accredited expedition assessor or Award Leader need to complete certain training which can also done on-line, depending on which position you volunteer for. I can assure you that the Award is as much fun and adventure for the Award Leaders as it is for the participants. If any leader has any questions, please contact me your Area Duke of Edinburgh Advisor.

Tan Pearce
Area DofE Advisor

Waterloo Explorers, Belgium, on an expedition for their Chief Scout’s Diamond Award

BSO DofE International Award Launch Webinar