Getting Back Together

Reopening Status of Groups

The framework for face-to-face Scouting should be applied to whatever the readiness level is in your nation or jurisdiction.

Readiness Levels
RedNo face-to-face activity or meetingsNo residential activities
AmberSmall group sessions can take place outdoorsNo residential activities
YellowSmall group sessions can take place indoors and outdoorsNo residential activities
GreenAll activities can resume in line with government guidance
Reopening Caveats
check_circleEverything is allowed
night_shelterIndoor residentials are allowed
apartmentIndoor meetings are allowed
local_fire_departmentCamping is allowed
nature_peopleOutdoor meetings are allowed
lensAs shown in Readiness Levels
France & Iberia
1st Tenerife Scout Group nature_people
1st Fuengirola (The Ark)nature_people
1st Toulouselocal_fire_department
1st Chantillylocal_fire_department
1st Maisons-Laffittelocal_fire_department
1st Majadahondalocal_fire_department
1st Madridlocal_fire_department
District (including Explorers)nature_people
1st Bougival Yvelines (International)local_fire_department
1st Naples
Middle East
3rd Bahrain Scout Groupapartment
1st Jeddah Scout Group
8th Dubai
3rd Dubai
2nd Abu Dhabi (Raha) Scout Group
2nd Qatar (Dukhan)
1st Bahrain (St Christopher's)
5th Dubai
7th Dubai Camels
1st Abu Dhabi
4th Dubai Scout Group
6th Dubai
2nd Dubai
District (including Explorers)
1st Dubai
1st Kuwait Salmiya
1st Doha Scout Groupnature_people
1st Oman
N. Europe
1st Paderborn Sennelager
1st Waterloonature_people
1st Amsterdam International
1st Stavangernature_people
1st The Hague
1st Shape International
1st Djursholmlocal_fire_department
Central Brussels Scout Group
1st Prague Scout Group check_circle
1st Brusselsnature_people
District (including Explorers)
Rest of the World
1st Jerudongcheck_circle
2nd Falkland Islands (Mount Pleasant) Scout Group
District (including Explorers)
1st Ascension Islandcheck_circle
4th Kuala Lumpur
1st Beijing Scout Group
1st Yuzhno Scout Grouplocal_fire_department
1st Jamestown (St Helena)
1st Nanjingapartment
3rd Singapore United World College)
1st Falkland Islands (Admiral Sturdee's Own)
2nd Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
1st Singapore
1st Jakarta
1st Kuala Lumpur
2nd Singapore (Dulwich College)