Middle East

There is more information on Middle East district on their website.

The district commissioner is Steve Sutton. You can contact himĀ usingĀ our contact form.


1st Oman Scouts geocaching in Muscat.











The following groups make up Middle East district:

Group Country
1st Abu Dhabi UAE
2nd Abu Dhabi (Raha) UAE
1st Dubai UAE
2nd Dubai UAE
3rd Dubai UAE
4th Dubai UAE
5th Dubai UAE
6th Dubai UAE
7th Dubai (Camels) UAE
1st Bahrain Bahrain
3rd Bahrain (British Club) Bahrain
1st Kuwait (Salmaiya) Kuwait
1st Oman Oman
2nd Oman (Logger Heads) Oman
1st Doha Qatar
1st Jeddah (KAUST) Saudi Arabia
1st Riyadh (Salwa) Saudi Arabia