Northern Europe

Northern Europe district covers the BSO groups as far north as Sweden and Norway, as far east as Latvia, as far south as Luxembourg and as far west as the Netherlands.

There is more information about Northern Europe district on their website.

The District Commissioner is Paul Kanikowski. You can contact him using our contact form.

Cubs from 1st Prague on a hike in Czech countryside.











The following groups make up Northern Europe district:

Group Country
1st Amsterdam Netherlands
1st Bielefeld Germany
1st Brussels Belgium
1st Djursholm Sweden
1st Gutersloh Germany
1st Paderborn Sennelager Germany
1st Prague (Czech Republic) Czech Republic
1st Riga Latvia
1st Shape International Belgium
1st Stavanger Norway
1st The Hague Netherlands
1st Waterloo (International) Belgium
Central Brussels Belgium
Telstar (Luxembourg) Luxembourg