Rest of the World

The Rest of the World district includes all the Scout groups that are not in the coverage area of one of the other three districts. Rest of the World district is by far the largest district geographically, with groups in locations ranging from Singapore to the Falkland Islands!

The district commissioner is Jon Gill. You can contact him using our contact form.

Scouts from 1st Ascension Island Scout Group go karting


If you are a member of Rest of the World district, you can join their Facebook group.

Click the image below to download the ROW Beaver Builder Activity Badge activity sheet.










The following groups make up the Rest of the World district:

Group Country
1st Ascension Island Ascension Island
1st Bangkok Thailand
1st Beijing China
1st Falkland Islands (Admiral Sturdee's Own) Falkland Islands
1st Jakarta Indonesia
1st Jamestown St Helena
1st Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
1st Lanna (Chiang Mai) Thailand
1st Nanjing China
1st Singapore (Tanglin Trust) Singapore
1st Turi (St Andrew's) Kenya
1st Yuzhno Russia
2nd Falkland Islands (Mount Pleasant) Falkland Islands
2nd Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
2nd Singapore (Dulwich College) Singapore
3rd Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
3rd Singapore (Dover Court/United World College) Singapore
4th Kuala Lumpur Malaysia