MEET THE GROUP – 1st Singapore, Singapore, Rest of the World District

Due to the varied demographics of Singapore, it is not surprising to hear that in addition to its own scouts and guides associations there are a few other international scout associations include three British Scouting Overseas groups.


Scouting at Tanglin Trust School started many years ago, however around 5 years ago in 2015, the 1st Singapore group was formed to include Dulwich College and Dover Court as well as Tanglin Trust School. There are now near 300 scouting boys and girls across the 3 schools and quite a few leaders, so the group split into each school as this as becoming a very very large group to remain as one! Most children are of British origin but there are other nationalities in the group including Australian.


The group provides a range of activities to their members including hosting a Remembrance Service and celebrating Bonfire Night. For this specific activity, the whole group comes together at Sarimbun Scout Camp – an amazing campsite form the Singapore Scout Association – and have a “build a Guy” competition before setting them on fire.


One leader tells us that their most memorable experience is to see the scouts trying things they never did before. On a camp, Scouts made their own Spaghetti Bolognese from scratch by chopping their own carrots, onions, peppers and eating it all up, stating it was “the best meal ever”.


One of the biggest differences form the UK is that the climate is generally hot and humid which can make the scout uniform quite uncomfortable. This also makes it different when it comes to all outdoor activities and the hazards to look for are a bit different.


The group would love to hear from other BSO groups about different campsite activities, which games they do during their sessions and diffictulties faced on any whittling experiences. Any carvers out there looking to share?


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