Who are BSO?

British Scouting Overseas is a UK Scout area, providing UK Scouting to UK citizens (and in some cases other nationalities) who are living overseas. BSO exists to support families around the world where, due to cultural or language barriers, it is not always possible for young people from the UK to join local Scout Groups in the country where they reside. Our aim to is ensure that all members of BSO will feel they are full members of UK Scouting. They will enjoy their activities in a safe and secure environment best suited to their local circumstances and will have access to high quality support and advice no matter where in the world they may be situated.

British Scouting Overseas (BSO) is made up of 50 Scout Groups (5 1/2 – 14 years old), 17 Explorer Scout Units (14 – 18 years old) and 5 Scout Network Units (18 – 25 years old). These are spread across 25 countries worldwide! We have approximately 2700 young people in BSO, and the delivery of the programme is supported by around 600 adult volunteers, who have roles varying from section leaders, to skills instructors, executive committee members and volunteer managers. These volunteers aren’t always in countries where BSO has groups, so just because there isn’t a group near you, doesn’t mean you can’t get involved! Become a member now!

The support and structure is flexible and adaptable to suit local circumstances and requirements. All BSO members are members of The Scout Association, have access to the same resources and support from the UK Scout Association’s Head Quarters at Gilwell, and participate in the same programme and activities as UK-based scouts.


1st Kuwait Salmiya, Middle East district, visit Failaka Island