Welcome to BSO: Claire Maynard

We’re delighted to announce that Claire Maynard will be taking up the new post of Assistant Area Commissioner (Growth) for BSO. Claire has been working in a similar role with The Scouts for the East of England and was part of the International Team at Gilwell. These key skills and background ensure that Claire will be able to bring new and fresh ideas to developing Scouting across BSO, working with Districts and with an international background has an awareness of some of our challenges. In making the appointment, Nathan Prince (Area Commissioner) said he was confident, Claire has all the attributes to be a key asset to the BSO team as well as bringing a wealth of experience to enable BSO to realise our growth ambitions inline with The Scouts 2023 vision.


Please find a short introduction from Claire.

Hello! I’m Claire.

I started my Scouting journey as a helper with Beavers in 2007, before taking up the Assistant Leader role. As a Beaver Leader, I had some fantastic experiences, especially working 1:1 with SEN Beavers. I saw the transformation in confidence and skills in so many young people and (newly recruited) adults too. My most recent role was Assistant Regional Commissioner (Growth) in East of England. Attending national growth workshops showed me how all elements of a Scouting Team fit together and are interdependent. From Training to Comms, we are all interlinked and work towards the overall goal of enjoying a growing, Scouting family. Working in the International Team at Gilwell Park from 2013 – 2016 I supported Peter Dawes and the BSO team, especially during the Japan Jamboree. It is wonderful to be able to join such a diverse and dedicated team.

I currently work in the Community Engagement Team at St John Ambulance. Our DCMS funded project for “Community Advocates” has concluded with fantastic results, ensuring our work is embedded into the strategy and works for the communities we work in.

Growing my experience is learning is important and recently started studying Charity and Social Enterprise Manager at Anglia Ruskin Cambridge University which will help with work and volunteering.

As a previous leader with Girlguiding Hertfordshire, I have led contingents to attend Jamborees and International events in Estonia, Ireland, Iceland and India. The value of outdoor and overseas experiences is something we know is so valuable for young people and adults. I’ll be on the lookout for events to see the magic of Scouting!

I am so excited to start my volunteer journey with British Scouting Overseas; getting to learn so much more about the great work you all do. I understand there is a broad spectrum of opportunities to explore but look forward to focusing on aspects to improve volunteering experiences, expand Scouting and increase our BSO family.