New AAC (Growth & Development)

We’re delighted to report that Dr Adrian Richardson has accepted the role of AAC (Growth & Development).  Adrian is an experienced and very capable manager with a brilliant track record of enabling sustained growth across BSO. Due to the pandemic it is likely that some Groups across BSO will struggle due to a decline in adult and youth membership. Adrian and his team will also support Groups that are facing these issues with the aim of identifying solutions to minimise the impact this has on our membership.

Dr Adrian Richardson joined scouting in 2006 as an ACSL in 1st The Hague Scout Group in the Netherlands.  When the family relocated to Jakarta in 2009, Adrian (together with his wife who is also a Scout Leader) re-founded the 1st Kemang Scout Group, which had been defunct since 1997, and became GSL/CSL.  The family again relocated in 2011 where Adrian and his wife founded 1st Beijing Scout Group and Adrian again became GSL/CSL. In 2014 that family moved again, this time to Singapore, where Adrian was asked to become GSL of the Tanglin Trust School Scout Group.  Under his stewardship, this group expanded beyond one school to four schools and to around 50 leaders and about 250 young people and was re-branded as 1st Singapore Scout Group.  Finally, after 24 years as an expat overseas, Adrian returned home where he continues to serve on the BSO Executive Committee.  Adrian is married, has 3 children and lives in London.