Executive Committee

Updated: 22nd September 2020

The Area Executive Committee exists to support the Area Commissioner and to provide support for Scout Districts in the Area. The members are either elected or nominated under the oversight of the Area Scout Council, except four Area officers, who are ex officio members. The current membership is:

  • Irene Orford (Area Chair)
  • Ben Balaam (Area Treasurer)
  • David Bull (Area Secretary)
  • Nathan Prince (Area Commissioner)
  • Firas Al Amri
  • Graham Bell
  • John Broxis
  • Becca Felgate
  • Matt Lightfoot
  • Jan Miller
  • Alice Mintoff
  • Yasma Osman
  • Sandro Pace-Bonello
  • Adrian Richardson
  • Charlene Rupp
  • Charlotte Thompson
  • Sara Webber