Area Team

Carol Wright, Steve Sutton (DC Middle East), Peter Dawes (Area Commissioner), Dominic Afriat (DC Northern Europe), Jon Gill (DC Rest of the World)


You can contact members of Area Team by clicking on their names.


Peter Dawes

Area Commissioner

Debbie Phillips

Deputy Area Commissioner

Nathan Prince

Deputy Area Commissioner

Rikki Bilverstone

Area Training Manager

Tony Dunn

Acting District Commissioner (France & Iberia)

Steve Sutton

District Commissioner (Middle East)

Dominic Afriat

District Commissioner (Northern Europe)

Jon Gill

District Commissioner (Rest of the World)

Area Executive Committee

David Bull

Area Secretary

Ben Balaam

Area Treasurer

Branca Pegado

 Communications Manager
(Team Leader)

Liam Mendes

Communications Manager

Eddie Aspden

 Communications Manager

Simon Burgess

 Exec Member for Comms

Area Advisors and Coordinators

Debbie Phillips

Safeguarding Awareness

Steve Sutton

Assistant Area Commissioner (Activities)

Nathan Prince

Nights Away Advisor & Scout Network Commissioner

Tam Pearce

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Advisor